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Interview with Niklaus Wirth

Submitted by Wouter via email . . .

While I was reading about Niklaus Wirth on Wikipedia, I realized that he’s starting to get old (he’s 75 now), and there are some thing I’d like to know or hear from him.

Why not have a short interview with him?

I’m sure it’ll be interesting what the man has to say, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get in touch with him.

· Certain decisions and compromised he’s made when designing Pascal;

· If he’s used Delphi;

· If he’s aware of recent language modifications like anonymous methods and generics, and what his views are on that;

· Things he finds missing in today’s pascal flavors (probably most of the stuff that’s in Oberon and Component Pascal);

· His views on certain technologies (dotnet);

· His views on Garbage collection (according to http://www.oberon.ch/pdf/CP-Lang.pdf, Component Pascal has GC) ;

· Maybe it would be nice for the much under-appreciated fpc folks if fpc is shortly discussed;

· Maybe talk through the early years when Pascal was being created;

· Maybe later on talk through the years where turbo pascal was gaining popularity and his work on Modula and Oberon;

· Talk about his personal life, and how he spends his days nowadays..

I’m sure there are plenty of other things can be talked about.

Ah, before sending this e-mail, I did a web search to see if there are any recent interviews with prof. Wirth, and I found this recent one:


oh, and this one, with video.. ok, that sort of makes some of the above points redundant..


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